Get to Know Your Student Senate

By Giovanni DiFazio

Is there something that’s been bugging you on campus and you can’t quite figure out who to talk to? With issues from large to small, it can sometimes be daunting to express your displeasure to a member of the faculty.

The Student Senate at SMCC is an advocate for the student body. Each club or organization on campus sends a member representative to the weekly meetings in Jewett Auditorium.This group acts as kind of “house of representatives,” while six Senate officers ultimately have the final say. Student Senate is here so that we can have a group of our peers representative and reflective of the student body’s interest.

Student Senate has a diverse range of responsibilities. Perhaps the most major responsibility that it carries is the allocation of funds to clubs that request money. Not only is Student Senate responsible for who receives funding, if you want to start a club recognized by SMCC, Student Senate is the governing body that needs to approve it.

The student activity fee that each student pays in their semester bill is how clubs and activities are funded. Senate meetings are held weekly in Jewett Auditorium, at 6 p.m. on Tuesday evenings. SMCC students should take advantage and reach out to members that can help us change the community, on and off campus, for good.

If everyone expressed a little thing that this campus could improve on, and only one thing was changed, it would be a gainful situation. Senate can help with little things, such as a food items desired on campus, to more challenging things, such as requests for funding. Student Senate is our avenue towards quick change at SMCC.

Our student constitution allows for one senator for every 250 students. We do not even come close to filling that quota. In fact, we only have four, with an enrollment of over 9,700 students. We obviously do not meet the allotment, with SMCC currently having just six officers right now.

Applying to become a student senator is something more people should do. To do so, jump on the CeCIL website and print the petition form. To become a member, you must get 25 signatures on your petition, and submit the nomination form for a seat on the Senate. There is room — and not just in the Senate — for opportunity when it comes to students making positive changes at SMCC.


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