What If…

By Lloyd Metcalf

Divide and conquer is more than a military strategy, it’s a political strategy, a business strategy, and one to which the American people have fallen victim.

What if the people embraced unity?

It used to be that people could have different religious and political affiliations and still be identified as American, or at least human. Now, if someone is not aligned to a political party as it relates to a point of view, they are immediately labeled un-American or inhuman. Atheists are accused of destroying the “American way of life” every year around the holidays, and it continues with other groups and affiliations daily in our media and discussions.

It may be time for a revolution, but not the revolution we envisioned in past decades. The greatest fear of our domineering government and giant corporations is unity among the people. If we set aside our political, religious and racial labels, we may begin to clearly see where we are being conquered… and it likely isn’t from our neighbors, friends, and family members with opposing views. We might decide that our enemies aren’t single parents who need some help or people with different political approaches, or people who want to come to our country from abroad. We might see that our lives and concerns are similar and that the gargantuan engines that we have allowed to take over our lives are only using our divided squabbling as fuel and to keep us from unifying.

AIG’s net worth is over $50 billion, the Catholic Church’s net worth (U.S. only) is $8-10 billion, Walmart’s is $180 billion, and our representatives are tossing around trillions with all these giants in the arena pushing and pulling them for things that favor their bottom lines. We shrug as if we can’t do anything about it. We go about our lives, get to our jobs within the conglomerate to try to survive and replicate some ideal of contentment or happiness. We are taxed, billed, worked, and used as fuel like microorganisms serving an entity.

We are constantly fed by the titans of our country with things to keep us on track, showing up for that job, quiet, and paying out en masse every day. While we concern ourselves with who was holding a door on “Game of Thrones,” or what a president tweeted, or if a single parent on food stamps purchased provolone or cheese-food-product, we are being ground into dust to serve the aggregate titan that is not concerned with any of the average individuals. In fact, they are likely in such a seat that we may no longer be visible to them at all.

By way of example, do you know the names:
– Peter Griffin
– Colin Kaepernick
– Tyrion Lannister
– Bruno Mars

And do you know the names:
– Cargill
– Sinopec
– Reyes
– State Grid

The first list contains things you look at to keep you from thinking too much about life, some maybe to keep you tweeting and Facebooking. The second list controls real aspects of our daily lives, and we don’t know who or what they are. (I admit, I had to google most of them myself).

Cargill is the largest privately held corporation in the country, and it has significant power when it comes to influencing politics and policy to aid its bottom line. Private corporations play by different rules than publicly traded ones. One single family of 6-8 people own 90% of Cargill.

Reyes Holdings likely controls a large part what food you see and get at your local grocery store. They also have an interest in legislation that regulates their activity in trading, profit and deals.

If we are more concerned with what fart joke Peter Griffin told, or whether or not a sports player took a knee this week than what tax legislation Cargill helped push through, it’s time for a revolution of unity.

No one notices a wasp making its way across the lawn, but if 323.95 million of them (the number of people in America) gather up and at least agree, “We are wasps and we have a problem.” They get some immediate attention. The dollar only has a value because we agree on what the piece of paper is worth. If, as a united people, we decided a clover plucked from the ground could be traded for goods at the same rate, the dollar would be useless.

If people embraced unity among themselves and embraced one another as humans, brothers, sisters and others, the titans would no longer remain in power. At least, like us running from 323 million wasps, they would have a new respect for what our issues are. A united people don’t need to agree on everything, they need to only agree on one thing. That one thing can be as simple as, “We should decide our own fate, not these machines that escaped our control.”

So, Democrat, Republican, Muslim, Christian, atheist, Jewish, socialist, Gen X, millennials, white, black, people who like ketchup on eggs, sports teams, and any other thing that we are told should divide us in some way; I invite you to ask What if?

What if this one dividing factor is only a simple line here and doesn’t divide us as human beings? Our differences were once thought to be our strengths as a nation, not our weaknesses. It can be difficult with issues that are important to us to look beyond this one line. This unity is what terrifies the machine that grinds us into powder. We need to be in control of our country, not victims of it.

What if the people embraced the idea of unity?


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