What Is Alpha Omega?

By Koma Ogak


The Alpha Omega (Real Talk) club’s purpose is to create an environment where students can discuss real-world problems and personal struggles, if they feel comfortable doing so, and grow spiritually. Alpha Omega means first and last; it is a title of God from the Book of Revelations. We choose this name because we all have a beginning and ending chapter to our lives. “Real talk” is the nickname for the club. It simply means deep conversation; there is no correlation with “Real Talks” held by the SMCC administration last year.

They talk about scriptures in the Bible and relate them to our discussion. Part of their goal is to see, know and experience what people think about Jesus Christ from the knowledge of the word. It’s an open dialogue where all students are welcome to express their thoughts, backgrounds and ideas as we grow in friendship and community on campus.

The club do an open-mic night once a semester. This event is open to anyone. Poetry, music, art and comedy performers are welcome. Starting this semester, they will also go on a retreat to Hartford, Connecticut, and listen to speakers talk about what the Bible says about leadership, faith and perseverance. This retreat is from October 13th through 15th.

Alpha Omega is connected to other christian groups at USM, UNE, BU, New York University, and UCONN. They are a non-denominational ministry. Non-Christians are welcome. They gather every Thursday from 12:30 to 1:00 p.m. in the third-floor seminar room at Howe Hall.


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