Short-Lived Luminary Installations pop up around campus

By the Beacon Staff


Last Thursday evening members of the Art Club: Amwag Kahleel, Eman Enan, Jen Jang, and Brain Radel took to the campus placing luminaries in strategic places around the South Portland campus.

The club started out on the Spring Point Light House jetty, then moved to the Green Belt Pathway near Hildreth Hall and finished the evenings adventure in front of the Campus Center. The short-lived installations were the first activity the club did as it’s “Random Acts of Artness” series.

The club which meets on Thursdays from 12:15- 1:15 in the Captain’s House is currently working on a coffee cup project. Eman Enan started the project when a friend gave her a sleeve of large white paper coffee cups. She asked a friend to write something on the cup. The idea grew into a project with other club members asking their friends and SMCC students to write, or draw on the cups. The club is planning on displaying the cups, as well as illustrations, drawings and photographs that have “morning coffee,” as it’s theme in the Learning Commons in the near future.



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