The Scavenger Hunt

By Lydia Libby

Over the course of this summer, I, Lydia Libby, recording officer for the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society, at Southern Maine Community College, and Joey Mullins, president of Phi Theta Kappa at Southern Maine Community College, have been working diligently to create this year’s college project. The purpose of the college project is to get students and faculty involved in a project related to the college.

Joey and I thought long and hard about what our college project should be, and an idea came to my mind. Last year, the Phi Theta Kappa college project was called “Mentor Mixers”; it encouraged students to meet with their major’s faculty in an informal setting with a small lunch. As I thought about last year’s project, I had the idea of starting a scavenger hunt, and to have people within their major get together to find clues and to win a prize at the end. Now, the point of the scavenger hunt would be to have students work together with people in their major they may not know in the hopes that they will make friends.

Retention is one of the biggest challenges that community colleges face, and if students were able to make lasting connections with people in their major, it would be an incentive for them to graduate and succeed. Joey and I had the honor of speaking at the faculty convocation on Aug. 23 and 25, and the faculty was ecstatic that we wanted to make our college project fun and meaningful.

At the end of the scavenger hunt, the group with the most clues found wins a prize, and all students have the chance to do an informal meet-and-greet with the faculty in their major. There will also be pizza, so that’s always fun, right? The Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society wants all students, new and returning, to feel safe and excited about coming to school. We hope you have a great start to the semester. 


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