Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor,

I would like to tell you that your work on the newspaper The Beacon is well done. The articles are well placed, well organized, and have fairly decent headlines. The photos are sometimes a bit too small, as they don’t always catch my eye. Grammatical errors could not be found, and that tends to be something I get nitpicky about. I hope to see an article that talks about the issues regarding SMCC to balance the whole paper out. I found the advertisements to be well placed. I do indeed feel that some articles should talk about things outside of SMCC, just to make it a bit new and fresh. The front page should always be about SMCC for sure, with some other stuff near the back that talks about things not as relevant to the college.

There isn’t too much I can say that I don’t like, as I don’t usually read the news. Nevertheless, I did find myself reading more than I expected I’d let myself, as I got curious on some of the topics. I like the title “Truth in Photographs.” That truly intrigued me and left me wanting to know exactly what it was about.

Respectfully submitted by,

Ian Roderick


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