From the Desk of the Managing Editor

By Alex Serrano

Life at college, it would seem, is defined by what you choose to get involved in. Clubs. Work. Different social groups we find ourselves in, and who we choose to interact with. At a time in life when most people our age are unsure of the future, it helps to have a social backbone of friends to fall back on when the going gets rough.

For some people, getting involved in one of SMCC’s many clubs is a familiar connective tissue between high school and college. Like science and stargazing? Try the Association of Cosmic Explorers (ACE). Interested in making and wearing costumes for conventions? You might find your folks at the Cosplay Club. Want to expand your business horizons? Check out the Business Club. Like writing?

We always appreciate articles here at the Beacon.

Along with clubs servicing students with certain interests, there are also clubs focussed on folks with similar experiences. The Veterans’ Club supports veterans on campus, raising money for scholarships and holding flag raising ceremonies. The Rainbow League, SMCC’s LGBT+ advocacy group, is another one, and they often host “Queer Kitchen” events for folks with regular access to food.

The point is, whatever you’re involved in now may shape the friends and interests that you count on in the future. So choose wisely, and get involved

Your Friendly Neighborhood Managing Editor,

Alex Serrano


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