Dealing With a Breakup

By Jessica Spoto

Dealing with breakups can be hard, especially when you love the person. If you broke it off, there must have been a reason, and honestly, you might regret that. You may regret breaking up for a very long time, or you won’t. You may feel refreshed, and free in a sense. Breaking up is like a fork in the road. There are two ways you can go: the damaging way, which is self-loathing and hating on yourself; or the better, more positive way, which is accepting it for what it is, dusting yourself off and moving on with your life.

However, the second, more positive path is usually the more difficult one and even more difficult when you have grown attached to the person who will never be in your life again. They will be just a memory. Beware, though, of going down the more first more negative path. This path can lead to self destruction. Being sad, self loathing, and just feeling worthless will get you nowhere except further into the dark hole you are in.

There are a couple things to do in order to direct yourself after a breakup and get to the positive path. The first thing is to write a gratitude list. Be grateful for what you have, and not for what you did have. Exercise is the next best thing. Exercise releases good chemicals in the brain, reducing anxiety and giving you more energy. The third and last thing that can help is eating better — cut out the sugars and fats in your diet. Eating healthy can also reduce anxiety and give you a lot more energy.

If you ever feel like you are hopeless after a breakup, just remember there are things you can do to pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Things will get better in time.


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