Introducing the myHomework App

 Bradley Drummond

Do you have a hard time keeping up with your never-ending stream of work? Is it hard to keep track of all the duties you have to attend to in the day? This is where I’m here to help. I’m Bradley Drummond, a SMCC student majoring in Information Technology (IT). Today, I’m introducing an app that will make your lives a lot easier when it comes to organizing homework in your daily lives. The application is available on mobile and is called myHomework Student Planner, by Instin. This application allows you to input assignments with incredible organization.

The first thing to do when using myHomework is to click the plus sign in the upper right hand corner.  Here is where the functionality is amazing: This gives us an option of selecting a homework description; class name; type, due date and due time; whether or not to repeat the assignment after the due date; and assignment priority standards of none, low, medium, and high.  You can even attach files with myHomework Premium Edition.

MyHomework lets you choose when it will remind your of the assignment. You can choose a preset time or set your own date and time at which you would like to be reminded of each assignment. After “Add Assignment” is filled out and ready to be used, we will click the checkbox in the upper right hand corner.

Now, after the assignment has been added, we are brought to the main page, where our homework is organized and listed. We can choose how our homework is listed with the tab “All,” which will display all homework. It will also display “Completed” homework, which can be utilized by holding an assignment with our finger on the main menu. This will put a line through the assignment and put it in the “Completed” section. You can also organize your homework by class, priority and which is your favorite, if you have assignments that vary in difficulty and like to prioritize.

Sure, we can add assignments, but how do we add class variables so we know which assignment is for which class? From the left-hand corner we will click the triple line and go to “Classes.” From here we will do the same as we did with homework. Click the plus sign in the upper right-hand corner.

Teachers, listen up: This is where the application gets interesting. You can link your class with homework via, which pairs with myHomework. Students will then be able to click “Find Your Class” by typing in their school, which will show up on the list so they can follow their assignments. We are going to go ahead and manually enter our classes by clicking “Add a Class Manually” from “Add Class.” From here, we log our class name, start date, end date, times, building, room and teacher. We can even assign a color to the class with additional information regarding the class.

The next tab is “Calendar.” This simple tool keeps track of your assignments and class times from a calendar point of view. Assignments with due dates and color are listed below the calendar.

Now, teachers, this is where the application becomes useful. The “Teachers” section below “Calendar” allows you to link up from your account, where you can share due dates and class information with other users of myHomework. Students and others will find you directly through searching.

Below “Teachers” is “Announcements.” This is where all announcements will be placed. Every student with notifications with the application will be notified instantly. The last feature is “Themes”: neat backgrounds available for your application if you so wish. I hope you all choose to do myHomework, as it has helped me tremendously in and out of the classroom. Thank you.

Bradley Drummond is a member of the Information Technology senior-seminar course and is planning on a career in system administration or IT support. This article was originally published at


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