Jessica Spoto

The joy that newly fills her

Her entire being radiates love

The smile put back on her face

That smile that was taken away for so long

Her heart filled with an intense amount of freedom

The freedom that now will forever be with her

The scars on her arm remind her of the past

These battle wounds also remind her about her strength

She survived 100% of her worst days

Even though she wanted to die in almost all of them

Her life uplifted into her new world

This new world that she will never forget

She is now permanently happy

Happiness forever

Life can get people down sometimes, but just always think about the positive things in life. There are always so many positive things that people overlook. The negatives in life can overshadow those positives very quickly. People just need to remember to look on the bright side, because the things that seem negative in life may actually be positive and full of joy.


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