A Blast from the Past: The DeLorean



By Jessica Spoto

“Wait a minute, Doc. Ah … Are you telling me that you built a time machine … out of a DeLorean?”

What is this from, “Back to the Future?” Oh yeah! We are flying back into the past and rewinding time. Let’s first go back to the ‘80s to cherish and remember the precious DeLorean. Oh man, its sleek silver body gives everyone goosebumps! Let’s not forget to mention the doors (oh those doors, though). Those gull-wing doors are super futuristic even to this day! The DeLorean was featured in this movie, but it was actually possible to get the car! Not the decked-out “Back to the Future”-style one, but a just-as-interesting one at the dealership.

This car was meant to have a 20-year, rust-free lifespan because of its stainless-steel exterior. With its sleek, hot body, you would think that it would fly off the lots, but in about three years, only 9,000 DeLoreans were sold.

This car gets 18 miles per gallon; you wouldn’t want to take it on long road trips, that’s for sure! Even though this car didn’t make many sales when it came out, it’s such a nostalgic car now that it remains desirable. Today it sells for about $30,000 on average. This car’s legacy still lives on!

Marty McFly would be proud to know that. Oh, and Doc would as well!

Now, not everyone has access to this time-machine car, so unfortunately, we can’t all predict who’s going to win future baseball games. Dang it! Don’t we all want to be rich like Biff Tannen?! Oh, Biff, that silly dictator!

On a side note, that hoverboard: oh yes, that hoverboard! We could hover all over town, just living it up, futuristic-style! Having a DeLorean and a hoverboard, our lives would be set! We would be decked out in futuristic fantastic coolness! We would be the epitome of Marty McFly — but let’s hope we didn’t meet our mother and potentially ruin things in our life!

Let’s go “back to the future”! And in Biff’s words, “Why don’t you make like a tree … and get out of here!”


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