By Alex Serrano

This a highly opinionated campus. Attendees of the contentious “Real Talk” discussions can attest to that. The Student Senate has also occasionally devolved into heated discourse. The Opinions and Editorials section here at The Beacon is consistently the easiest section to fill, and with subjects ranging from politics to dorm life, it’s not hard to step up on your soapbox and write a 400-word article about something you believe in.

Enter the Community Conversation, SMCC’s three-years-running event aimed at involving students, faculty and community partners in a healthy discussion. This year’s topic, “Living our values: Challenging each other to do the right thing,” turns the focus on our future. As evidenced by the Campus Master Plan, SMCC may have some deep and infrastructural change coming down the pipeline.

This event, like so many of the clubs and student activities here at SMCC, is largely a call for involvement. As students, we have an enormous opportunity to take advantage of the resources available to us. Want to make a club? Student Senate funds are there for the taking. Got a great big idea about the college? President Cantor is often seen at community events, and always welcomes a friendly discussion.

Classes during the Community Conversation on Friday have been suspended to give students a chance to attend and participate.

On a related note, at 3 o’clock on Wednesday, Feb. 22 in Jewett Auditorium, there will be an “Immigration Information Session,” a talk led by the Immigration Legal Advocacy Project (ILAP) legal director, Phil Mantis. The talk will cover concerning issues brought forth by President Trump’s recent executive actions, such as the sanctuary status of our campus. We at The Beacon hope to see you there, as this is a step in the right direction.


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