Fat Equals Ugly

By Jessica Spoto

Fat means you are ugly. If you are fat, you are ugly. If you are ugly, you must be fat.

Okay, okay, let’s back this up a bit. No, fat does not mean you are ugly. In no way does fat mean ugly. Ugly shouldn’t even exist in our vocabulary, because everyone is beautiful in their own unique way.

Society pounds into us this ideal body for men and women to have. Of course people think fat is ugly — because people grow up learning society’s standards of beauty. Men need to be tall, muscular, and handsome, while women need to be skinny, have long hair, and wear makeup. The main major issue that arises everywhere is fat.

If a person has fat and lots of it, they are treated a whole lot different that someone who has the “ideal” body. They are looked down upon in society. People call other people who have extra fat “whales,” “cows,” and “pigs.” Comparing a person to an animal isn’t humane at all.

Let’s stand up for what is right. Let’s break free from these unrealistic beauty standards that men, women and everyone else encounter. We are beauty. We are something more than just fat. Embrace your body! You are beautiful!


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