Redefining Community One App at a Time

By Jessica Spoto

SMCC has this really neat interactive app for students! Students can find information about the school just like they can if they go onto the website. They can find information about events, sports, clubs, campus services, dining services and much more!

The other cool thing about this app is that SMCC is really putting the “community” in “community college.” There are sections on the app like Student Feed. Student Feed is where students can ask questions about things going around on campus and have them answered by other students. This is a really cool feature to connect students together.

Students can also buy and sell items, like old used textbooks! It’s like an SMCC Craigslist. There is also a lost-and-found section, so if a student finds something around campus that isn’t theirs, they can simply snap a pic and post it on this section. Other sections include housing, news and ridesharing.

There is another really amazing feature on this app. It’s basically a Facebook feature. You can friend other students and send them messages. This is a nice way to connect students together when they normally may not have even met at all.

Overall, this app is very useful for students. If you are an SMCC student, get the app. I highly recommend it.


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