The Magical Binder

By Jessica Spoto

Grody! That binder looks so plain! Eww yuck, gag me with a spoon! Like, it’s totally a wreck. Fix it or I am going to totally die or something, like OMG!
Having binder troubles? Cover too plain? Need something to jazz it up and make it stand out in a crowd? Well, look no further: a D.I.Y. binder cover is on the way! It’s so simple to make, you will be so, so, so amazed!

Just start with a binder (uh, duh) and a magazine — oh, and you will need scissors and Scotch tape too! With these four components, your binder will shine like a star.

Cut a cutesy, nasty, gnarly or whatever image that suits your unique style out of the magazine. Oh, and this next part is so simple: just literally take the picture and tape it onto the binder cover. If you really want to pumpmagicalbinderaf it up then totally — and yes, I mean totally — use patterns, shapes, wicked cool stuff to enhance the cover to add that smooth, crisp flair that rests deep inside your soul. Let it out, friend! Release your inner creativity and don’t ever stop!

This binder cover will get you all the attention you ever wanted! You will be the popular one and rule the world! So make this cover yours forever and ever.


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