Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

want to express an opinion that may very well infuriate some of my colleagues. It is this: I did not vote for Donald Trump, but I believe it is my duty as an American citizen to support him. I will have to stop trashing him for his misogynistic comments; I’ll have to find a way to convince myself that he really is finished grabbing women in that truly degrading area of their bodies. I will choose to believe that he has matured, just as I have (since that day in high school when I put red food coloring on a tampon and left it in the locker of the boy who said mean things to me).

I will encourage my president to move toward a more open dialogue around women, and around racism. I will not speak ill of him among my peers; rather, I will say, “Let’s give this man a chance, our country voted for him.” I hope this is what my colleagues will do, too.

— Submitted by an SMCC student who asked to remain anonymous

A Response from the Managing Editor

I would Offer an alternative stance: This man now works for us and must be held accountable. He has not released his tax returns. His conflicts of interest are many and diverse. Seventeen women have accused him of sexual assault, to nothing but a hand-wave and a few degrading tweets. Your opinion is valid, but so are the opinions of hundreds of millions of Americans who have grave concerns about the state of the Affordable Care Act, LGBT+ rights, Roe v. Wade, a Russian-influenced election, the climate, and the delegitimization of dissenting news organizations. You may be able to set aside the troubling stances of Trump and those he hires, but for many Americans, this is a time to defend each and every single inch of progress ever made in this country. Just as you hope that your colleagues respect your decision give the man a chance, I hope you respect the millions who fear for their rights, and are now going on the defensive.

— Alex Serrano, Managing Editor, The Beacon


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