In Memoriam: Nickolas Acker

SMCC Alum, Beacon Photographer and Sports Editor

The body dies, but the spirit that transcends it cannot be touched by death. –Ramana Maharshi

We are not victims of aging, sickness and death. These are part of scenery, not the seer, who is immune to any form of change. This seer is the spirit, the expression of eternal being. – Deepak Chopra

nicholas-acker-1-newbwNickolas attended SMCC, where he studied liberal arts and computer technology, while working in the IT department. As the Beacon sports section editor and photographer, Nickolas’s contributions greatly enhanced the pages of The Beacon. In 2015 he traveled with the Seawolves basketball teams to cover the YSCC Elite 8 Tournament in Concord, NH, which NHTI hosted. His photography skill set and knowledge base were solid, and his photographs added a flair to the Beacon pages.

The Beacon reached out to a few of Nickolas’s friends, asking them to share thoughts about Nickolas, and would like to thank Erik Squire, Isaiah Lemay and Cameilla Young for taking the time and energy in composing these thoughts.

“I remember my first encounter with Nick. I was hanging out with a few people outside of Spring Point Hall where we were longboarding down the big hill near the Campus Center. Nick came outside with his longboard and wanted to join in. I didn’t have a board myself so he let me try his out to see if I liked it. After zooming down the hill with no issues he was highly impressed and thus the beginning of a friendship that would last the rest of our time at Southern Maine Community College began.

We connected so quickly because of our faiths and how much we liked talking about things like religion and politics. Nick was so into history and was always teaching me something new every time we started a conversation. We didn’t agree much but we respected each other a lot and loved just hanging out around campus, longboarding and watching movies together. Nick was also into photography and was always bringing his camera with him. I couldn’t tell you how many of our adventures we would go on where he wasn’t trying to get the perfect shot of the group or something interesting on our travels. He also helped me out by taking behind-the-scenes stills on my film sets with my Maine Mayhem College film. He was always quick to help out and lend a hand anyway he could. That was just the kind of person he was. I have many amazing memories of my last year at Southern Maine Community College because of Nick.

  We created a friendship that I will never forget. He was caring, intelligent, always quick to give advice and listen if I needed someone to talk to. It is truly devastating to know that it was his epilepsy that ended his life. I knew about it from the stories of his recent past that he told me during some of our deepest conversations together. One thing that I admired the most about him was that he never let his epilepsy hold him back from doing anything he loved, or living his life to the fullest. I learned a lot from Nick during our friendship and I will always cherish the moments we had together.

Rest in peace, buddy. You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten.”

— Isaiah Lemay

“I first met Nick at a section editors’ meeting for the Beacon newspaper. I found him intriguing from the get-go, with his goatee, gray trench coat, quiet confidence, and his openness regarding political views — which sometimes amusingly ran counter to his religious views.

I liked him right away.

I think one of my fonder memories with Nick was some bonding time that we shared after one of our section editors’ meetings. Having gotten a good impression of him, I had wanted to get to know him in a more informal setting, and what better way to accomplish this than over a couple of drinks? A few Beacon staffers and I were going to get some beers (well, okay, I bought hard cider) and then planned to head to Bug Light to drink them. I asked Nick to join us.

There we were, sun setting over the Portland horizon, colleagues and friends, enjoying our — illicitly consumed — beverages. I won’t pretend to remember exactly what we talked about, but what I do remember was that Nick was really cool. He was open, extremely honest, straightforward, and able to just be in the moment and share a good time with his peers. I think there’s nothing better than that in a person.

Thanks Nick, for being part of my cherished memories at SMCC. You are well respected and sorely missed.

Your Beacon buddy,

      Erik Squire

My fondest memory with Nick is going to Toah Nipi in New Hampshire for an intervarsity conference. There was a canoe which he and I took out on the lake. When he went to get into the boat, he misplaced his steps and fell straight into the water. I couldn’t stop laughing, and every time it was mentioned he and I would laugh and laugh. Nick was my best friend at SMCC, and I will forever miss him.

Cameilla Young

Donations to CURE in honor of Nickolas Evan Acker can be made at:


One thought on “In Memoriam: Nickolas Acker”

  1. Thank you for posting this. You guys described him so well, It really brought me back with him. Thank you.

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