Yes on 4

Noah Williams


If you live in this state and work for a living than get yourself to the polls on Tuesday, November 8th, and vote yes on question 4.

Question 4 would raise the minimum wage from $7.50 (not even enough money to buy a back of cigarettes) to $12 an hour for employees who do not receive tips. If you do work for tips, than your employer can no longer pay you half of minimum wage (currently $3.75), but $5 an hour increasing every year by $1 until 2014, plus your often cash, and therefore un-taxable, tips!

How could anyone not vote for this bill? Governor Paul LePage and a couple of other “businessmen” tried to pass a counter measure on this citizen initiative with a hourly wage less than $12, which is still roughly the same amount of money that the average Armenian earns in a day. Luckily the House of Representatives iced it before things got to out of hand.

Allegedly this question four is going to make “mom and pop” business wither and die in a mere matter of months while the rest of the business in Maine flees our socialist utopia. However, this excuse has been applied to every other minimum wage hike since the 1938 when it was 25 cents and hour. Not once has the labor market or industry collapsed in upon itself because industry paid people a livable wage.

If you are successful enough to be in business, than you can probably afford to stay in business. Things generally increase in price by 3% each year in the U.S. through a process called inflation. Oddly enough, even though life is almost 25% more expensive than it was in 2009, the minimum wage has increase less than 10%.

Question 4 means a better quality of life for those of us working and living in the state of Maine, so on November 8th, please vote Yes on 4.


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