Inconsiderate Students Take Over Spring Point

Jessica Spoto


In Spring Point, the main lobby lounge is the place to go to hang out and chill with friends: drink some coffee, play some pool, play some videos games, and eat some Dominos. But what really happens when all the students leave for the night?

Well, if you live in Spring Point and decide to wake up super early—like 6pm early—and go to the lounge, you will see a total disaster of a mess. Now, this mess isn’t even subtle. This mess is like a twelve-year-old threw up their immaturity and inconsideration all over the lounge. You will see empty coffee cups and crushed Red Bull cans on the floor. All the furniture is moved out of place, with gross trash just sitting on it. How damn inconsiderate this is!  

The custodians do have the job of cleaning up the lounge in the morning, but seriously, they don’t need to pick up after an adult’s mess. Keep the lounge clean, or at least pick up your trash! Honestly, have some respect for the students, staff, and most importantly, the people who have to clean up after you “adults.”

We come to college to learn. Now learn some courtesy and manners, students, please! You as a student may be considerate in holding doors or saying please and thank you, but this is a bigger matter. Leaving a mess in a common area is one of the most inconsiderate things you could possibly to do the students, staff, and custodians on campus. Be an actual adult and pick up your mess. It’s as simple as taking your coffee cups and Dominos to the trash bin two feet away. Also, please don’t leave ketchup all over the trash can. This is also really inconsiderate! So just remember to pick up after yourself and have some respect!


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