From the Desk of the Managing Editor

Alex Serrano


Hey Beacon Readers,


It seems like it’s been a while since we talked. How’s it going? Now that midterms are over for the most part, how about a few of you write a bit for the paper? Nothing too long, just a three to four hundred word piece would be awesome.

Don’t like the paper? Don’t like the writing? Not a diverse enough staff? Well then you should come over and write about it! Meetings are every other Monday in the Captain’s House. I know we’re all college kids and nobody has a great schedule, but if you put aside an hour or two every other week to crafting a well-worded article, it would absolutely make it into the paper.

Think of the glory! What a great feeling it is to expose the truth to the public, in your own words. And to see those words printed in ink and appear in those omnipresent blue boxes, it’s a thing to behold.

Do you have a friend with a band? What better promotion than a feature in our Arts and Features section! Have a lot of knowledge on a particular current event? Other World for you! Feel the urge to interview a professor or write about the cool new club you joined? That’ll go into Campus News thank-you-very-much. Do you like sports and writing about it? You should write about sports for our Sports section!

The point is, get involved. It’s hard work at the beginning but once you get in the groove of writing, it doesn’t stop. And it looks great on a resume.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Managing Editor,

Alex Serrano


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