We All Need A Loudmouth

Gio DiFazio


Rory Mcllroy and Team Europe found themselves a bit beaten up by a twelve foot putt on the sixth hole of the Hazeltine National Golf Club in Minnesota during practice rounds of this years Ryder Cup.

As an amatuer loudmouth, or shade thrower, it’s always a kind of liberating feeling watching a heckler follow through with his acts and gain the upper hand of the heckling subject. Whether it’s Amy Schumer being heckled, or Rory Mcllroy and Team Europe, or even one of my teachers here at SMCC, there’s just something about crawling underneath someone’s skin.


After Henrick Stenson gave David Johnson, who hails from Mayville, North Dakota, permission to come out and follow through with his courageous challenge. Justin Rose graced the face of the green with a 100 dollar bill to raise the stakes that much more. Johnson strolled out to the green in blue jeans and a pair of what looks like LL Bean Moccasins to accept the challenge that he had perpetuated.

Stenson, Mcllroy, and Rose all were great sports,in following through with the hundred dollar bet and taking the time to snap a few photos with the man the that just earned his 15 minutes of fame, which would land him on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

We should all take a moment and appreciate all of our resident loudmouths, and trash talkers.



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