Sweater Love

Jessica Spoto


Imagine a young woman in her early to mid 20s walking through the streets of downtown Portland. She is wearing a light green, blue, purple,  and black sparkly, floral patterned, thick, fuzzy sweater from the 1990s. She pairs this unique thrift store find with some black leggings and a nice pair of black combat boots. She is a trend setter. She knows what’s in for fall and she embraces it with her vintage charm.

If you wander through the streets of downtown Portland, Maine at almost every turn there is a vintage store! Vintage clothing stores in downtown are stocking up on the most latest trend this fall, which is wearing vintage 1980s and 1990s sweaters!  From jeweled sequins to geometric wonky shapes women are falling in love with these thrift store finds!

The crazier the sweater the better! On almost every 1980s sweaters you can find sequins, jeweled beads and sparkles. A 1980s sweater will be great for someone who embraces being creative, having fun but most importantly embracing their inner gaudy self. On the other hand a 1990s sweater usually consists of primary colors, bold geometric shapes and patterns. This type of sweater is perfect for someone who is fearless, unique and definitely into bright colors!  So go out to downtown Portland and search for those 1980s and 1990s sweaters that suit your personality, style and always remember to have thrifting fun!



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