Jean Medard Zulu Kilo – Abi


My name is Jean Medard Zulu Kilo – Abi; I was born on April 1st 1993 in Belgium. Both of my parents are from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I am the youngest of six children; two brothers and four sisters.

We have lived in France, Belgium, Netherland, and Congo-Brazzaville where my dad worked for years. While in France I played basketball with one of the best clubs of Nantes; I had the opportunity to be selected to play for the under 15 team. I became very skillful in basketball while in France.

When I returned to my home country the D.R. Congo I was selected to the youth national basketball team. Growing up in my home country was very difficult. We had a civil war that lasted for over a decade and cost the lives of more than 6 million people. Throughout the difficult times I became accustom to different cultures as the result of my association with people from other countries around the D.R. Congo.

I studied computer trading business and accounting in high school. I speak French and English fluently; I also understand Spanish so given the opportunity to advance my English and Language skills through the Portland ESL classes that helped me better prepare for college.

I plan to major in Liberal Arts & Political Science so I believe that I will be at an advantage with my multilingual skills. I had been interviewed at the Maine Medical Center for a security position and worked there for a while. During the fall semester I will be at Southern Maine Community College working and playing for the basketball team on campus.

What brought me to SMCC are the good opportunities and the affordable tuition. I believe my experience in a Liberal Arts & Political Science major will shape not only my character but also my knowledge to better prepared for the challenges of life.  I have the desire and I am making the commitment to be a plus in the student body, not only for my background but also for my determination to give the best I can.



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