Live, Love, Create: “Tbird “

Jessica Spoto


Sadness rained over her

3 years of pure sadness

Nothing, she was nothing


With one moment with one word

She is taken back

Tbird! Tbird!


One smile , some laughs

A heart full again

Pure joy, happiness, faith , love, hope


Vines that were once filled with hate

Now filled with love


Laughs and silly giggles

She grins again

Never did she think she would be here

Loving life again

No abuse, no wounds just happy

Pure happiness




This poem exudes pure happiness from once a broken hearted person. Now she is has been uplifted by a very compassionate person who is one of her closest friends! We all have that one person in our life that lifts us up in our hard times.  If you have any poetry you would like to submit please contact Jessica Spoto at for more information.


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