The Business Club Update: Partying with Purpose

Hali Sarah Parsons


SMCC’s Business Club kicked off their first meeting with a pizza party! That doesn’t mean the club is all about partying. However, “partying with a purpose” is how it goes down often. President Nathalie Kpade is full of energy and focus, and has lots of “business” lined up for this semester.

Students and faculty may have noticed their new additions to Dirty Business have been posted while visiting bathroom stalls across the campus. As always this is a contribution of the Business Club and a way they actually raise money for some of the exciting things they do for club members and the student body. One of the goals of the Business Club is to provide SMCC with guest speakers and throw other fun activities together like movie nights on campus.

“We are always open to new ideas to engage students and make impacts on campus,” states one anonymous member. Another exciting management opportunity the Business Club offers is experience with owning stocks in the market. Additionally, the club does have their own accounts to manage. Many new members are already sharing new ideas to make their marketing team stronger and all members are actively contributing as a team.

This club is not “all about the money” and giving back is what makes them proud. If you haven’t heard, last fall SMCC’s Business Club coordinated a dinner for the Ronald McDonald House here in Portland where families stay while loved ones get intensive care. Habitat for Humanity is also an organization the Business Club gets involved with.

Consistently, the Business Club meets every Thursday from 12:30pm to about 1:15pm. No matter how many minutes you may have available within that time block, it is worth the effort to pop in at the business lounge on the first floor of the Hauge building – which is at the back of the Ross Technology building. Every year, the club plans a trip for members to again “party with a purpose!”



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