From the Desk of the Managing Editor

Alex Serrano


Hey folks. For this issue of the Beacon newspaper, three of our dedicated writers; Noah Williams, Mariah Findlay, and Brandi Adams, chose to tackle a delicate and often maligned topic: sexual assault. I believe these three took to the cause with remarkable grace and civility. However, I know that we live in an era of outrage, and sometimes there is no room for nuance.

While I understand the need for delicacy in these situations, I am also aware that many folks are insensitive to sensitivity. Some have argued that reporting and making people aware of such things is wrong, either because they believe that the issue does not exist or simply because they are afraid of offending others. To an extent, those are valid complaints, but to ignore such issues in my eyes is blatant obstructionism at a societal level.

To avoid complicated or offensive topics altogether is to deny their validity, but be aware that other people’s sensitivities are also valid. Personally, I believe that triggers are a real and valid reason for change, but not when the content is very clearly meant to provoke or inform. And as long as the content remains good and true and informed, I can’t complain.


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