A Look into Uncovered Artistry

Jessica Spoto
Domestic and sexual abuse is never okay and it can really hurt someone mentally and physically. It also can take a long time for them to recover from the events that have occurred within their life from the abuse. Creative outlets are a very good way to relieve the stress of any person’s past. There is one option though that these domestic and sexual abuse survivors have as a creative outlet. It’s a non-profit called Uncovered Artistry.

What is Uncovered Artistry? It is “a nonprofit selling the handmade jewelry & art of domestic & sexual abuse survivors.” While non-profit is based online it also has helped organize community events. Both venues: the online presence and their community outreach helps Uncovered Artistry help and empower domestic and sexual abuse survivors.

“Uncovered Artistry is an online shop selling the handmade art and jewelry of domestic and sexual abuse survivors. We support survivors of domestic violence by encouraging creativity and entrepreneurship, financially supporting survivors, and promoting awareness of abuse.” Sarah and Angela Spoto started this non-profit in hopes to help encourage and strengthen domestic and sexual abuse survivors.


Sarah and Angie Spoto defines their goal for Uncovered Artistry in the following, “Our goal is to empower domestic and sexual abuse survivors by providing them an outlet to sell their creative work. We purchase artisans’ work upfront at wholesale prices. The revenue we receive from the sale of the artisans’ work is used to fund the website and Uncovered Artistry’s community projects, such as art fairs and craft parties intended to promote awareness of abuse. Oh, and all of us here are volunteers!”

Sarah Spoto answered a few important questions about Uncovered Artistry, who they are, and what they do.

Visitors to Uncovered Artistry’s website will find beautiful pieces of jewelry, book marks, greeting cards and beyond. All of which are priced accordingly. What are the price ranges for the items that Uncovered Artistry sells?

“We sell at a variety of price ranges so that everyone can be a part of the Uncovered Artistry shopping experience. Everything from $6 friendship bracelets to $50 charm necklaces.” Which means that most anyone can shop and support Uncovered Artistry.

Can anyone sell items?

“Currently we only sell work made by domestic and sexual abuse survivors. We also sell donated items from friends and allies of our cause. If you are interested in selling work with Uncovered Artistry, email Angie at uncoveredartistry@gmail.com.”

When purchasing an item online there is always shipping to consider. What does shipping look like on uncovered artistry?

“At Uncovered Artistry, shipping to the United States and Canada is always free and only $10 to send to Europe. We know you want your amazing purchase right away, but we’re a little shop and are busy. We ship all orders Saturday mornings.” I got the feeling from our conversation that their shipping is well thought out and very considerate to the customer!

While you may think about buying an item, you can also make an item and sell it if you are a domestic and sexual survivor. Uncovered Artistry has a holistic approach to buying which was explained by Sarah as, “We purchase the items at a fair wholesale price (what a normal boutique might offer or slightly above that), and then we sell the items at a retail price on our online shop. In this way, we’re supporting our artisans’ small business.

What are some of the things U.A. carries?

“These days we mostly carry beautiful, handmade jewelry. But we do have some other accessories as well.”

The money is to help out those domestic and sexual abuse survivors but how does that process work?

“We are a non-profit boutique, so all our revenue goes back into buying more products from our artisans, spreading awareness about domestic abuse, and keeping the shop up and running such with hair items and keychains. Soon we will have a more complete boutique shopping experience with candles and artwork that will make excellent, thoughtful gifts.

What is the price range for the items on U.A.?

“We sell at a variety of price ranges so that everyone can be a part of the Uncovered Artistry shopping experience.”

How did Sarah and Angie come up with the idea of Uncovered Artistry? Sarah explained, “When we were in undergrad, we had an opportunity to apply for a grant. It was open to any sophomores and it was called Projects Peace. Essentially the grant gave select sophomores $10,000 to do anything that promotes peace. Usually that was a onetime event but we thought the money would be best spent on a sustainable business. We feel that art and entrepreneurship are very empowering, and we felt that often survivors of domestic abuse don’t get recognized for the courage they have. We felt like Uncovered Artistry was an opportunity to empower this community and create awareness around an issue that is sadly still very taboo.”

A creative outlet can most definitely help calm a person’s mind, as well as guiding and supporting someone who is going through a difficult time, such as domestic and sexual abuse. Whether a person is creating bookmarks, greeting cards or jewelry their creative outlet can help them overcome so many struggles that they have to faced. Uncovered Artistry is a wonderful cause that helps out so many domestic and sexual abuse survivors. You can follow Uncovered Artistry on Twitter @uncoveredartist also on instagram @uncoveredartistry. You can also like Uncovered Artistry on Facebook!

Going through domestic and sexual abuse can be troublesome, very stressful and painful, but as a survivor remember you are awesome, amazing, and worth the world. Please do not ever forget that! Even if you are not a survivor of domestic or sexual abuse you should remember, as well how amazing you are. You are all beautiful inside and out and no one should ever take that away from you. Also if you are in a sexually abusive situation, or going through domestic abuse please call the National Sexual Abuse Hotline at 1-800-656-4673, or the Domestic Abuse Hotline at 1-800-799-7233. Remember, stay positive and stay strong!




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