Welcome, Welcome Back.

Alex Serrano


Welcome, or welcome back, to SMCC. As you may or may not be aware, this is our newspaper in your hands. Notice the crisp folds and the tiny half-inch spaces between columns of text. Look around. This is Southern Maine Community College. Here you see a true melting pot. Students of all creeds and customs, ages and orientations, economics and interests coming together to learn. We may not have a football team (more on the sporting aspect of Seawolf life in a few paragraphs), but gosh darn it if we don’t have heart and good old fashioned Mainer moxy.

Here are some facts if you’re interested: Southern Maine Community College is a public two-year college that enrolls somewhere around six thousand students with an eighteen-to-one student-to-teacher ratio.

None of this is to say that we don’t have some problems of our own. From lower attendance and higher tuition to the paradoxical “realignment” and the closing of the Building Trades major, we are towing the line between the technical school we once were and possibly more of a liberal arts college. We here at the paper will strive to keep you informed on these issues so you don’t have to go through the tedium of reading every single robotic email in your inbox.

To rush through our short time here at SMCC would surely be a waste. Along with the background of Portland, extracurriculars offer opportunities that a normal course-load would not. With a wide range of over thirty-five on-campus organizations ranging from Boffing and the Association of Cosmic Explorers (ACE), to the Business Club and Phi Theta Kappa, there is truly something for everybody here. Many clubs take annual or semi-frequent trips to Boston as well, including the Cosplay Club, whose members build costumes for a pilgrimage down to the Anime Boston convention every year. The Art Club frequently visits museums and galleries in the Portland and Boston area. Just last year, ASTEP (Artists Striving To End Poverty) traveled all the way to Washington DC for the KCACTF (Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival) for workshops, shows, and to broaden their theatrical horizons. Whatever your passion, SMCC has a club or organization for you.

Now for sports! As part of the YSCC (Yankee Small Collegiate Conference), our seven sports teams have the opportunity to compete on a national level at the United States Collegiate Athletic Conference (USCAA). While there’s not too much news regarding the sports at the moment, we here at the paper have no doubt that they will be making the news in no time.

Complementary to our plethora of student organizations are the varied and eclectic bunch of activities on and around campus. In October usually Corey Norman shows off a few of his Bonfire films. There’s a Halloween dance. Guest lecturers come to speak. The TEDx talk educates and excites. Maine Mayhem astounds. Poetry Month is an inspiration. Job and college fairs keep us being productive. There are even opportunities for international travel. Ireland, Italy, and Costa Rica are all options this year through certain groups.

As usual, the Dining Hall and Seawolves Cafe are still the bastions of nourishment we have come to expect from prison-feeding Sudexo. However, we here at the paper would like to point out that the Culinary Arts Department on occasion offers lunch to the general public and students for just a few more meal points.

So there you have it. SMCC. New and familiar and educational all at the same time. Hopefully this has been a very informative article. Hopefully it has inspired some sort of success in you, dear reader.


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