Surfsite Res Hall Isn’t Bad!

Mariah Findlay


So everyone knows most male Surfsite residents declare that, “Surfsite sucks,” but in all honesty Surfsite isn’t too shabby by any means. Surfsite actually has a very unique history along with most of the buildings at SMCC’s South Portland Campus. If you don’t know, the South Portland campus used to be a naval fort during the 1800s, and WW1, and Surfsite was actually the barracks at the time.

Surfsite maybe the older of the two dorms on campus, but with age comes character! Unlike Spring Point, Surfsite does not have a suite style arrangement, instead it has more of a traditional layout, with communal amenities. Although the set up at Spring is pretty “suite,” there is one problem with being resident at Spring Point, and that’s the fact that YOU DON’T EVER HAVE TO LEAVE!

The fact that you just have to be a full-time student to be a resident means that if you wanted to you could take all online classes and never leave your room to go to classes, or even go to the bathroom given that Spring Point does have a suite style layout. Even if you had all online classes at Surfsite you still have to leave your room to use the bathroom which means you’d meet some people along the short walk to the restroom.

Another thing that makes Surf different from Spring Point, other than the style of “dorming” it, is the environment as a residential community. The community aspect in Spring Point pales in comparison to Surfsite. For example, it is actually completely normal to leave your door wide open in Surfsite, as opposed to Spring Point where it is seen as an oddity to leave you door open for any reason whatsoever.

Sure the convenience of Spring Point seems appealing at first based on its location which is close to academic buildings and the Campus Center, but then sense of community isn’t anything like Surfsite. In Surfsite everyone knows each other and even though it’s a little further from the center of campus, the friendships and memories that you’ll build is something you’ll always remember, which makes the extra bit of walking well worth it. Doesn’t it?


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