Notes from the Midcoast Campus

The Beacon Staff


As in South Portland, the Midcoast Campus started its fall semester on August 29th and four short days later the campus hosted its annual campus cookout. The smell of midcoastcookout5hamburgers and hotdogs permeated the air in front of the LL Bean Leaning Commons as staff and faculty prepared the culinary delights for the Midcoast students, faculty and staff.


Representatives from the Curtis Library in Brunswick, where you can find the Beacon every other Tuesday, and Out of the Darkness community walks were on hand to inform students about the services and events they have planned for the academic year.

Last year numerous students from the Midcoast campus participated in the Out of the Darkness community walk that took place in Bath helping the organization raise over $7,000 dollars of a $10,000 goal for donations. This year’s walk is scheduled for Sunday, September 18. Details and contact information can be found below in the Out of the Darkness public service announcement.

If you are interested in enhancing your education experience, then The Curtis Memorial Library very well might be the place for you. The 12 page Curtis News which was available for students during the cookout is full of activities that easily fit this bill.

The Curtis News contains informative columns that advertise events such as: the How To Festival and Block Party, Playing with Paint, Screenagers: Growing up in the Digital Age and the Mystery Author Series.

If you are living on campus and want to be involved with SMCC associated clubs, there is always the ever popular Cosplay club which had a table at the cookout, you can also touch base with Vicki Siegel or Nancy Collins about club news and activities. Vicki and Nancy can be found in the LL Beans Learning Commons.

As always the Beacon is looking for Midcoast campus students to help get the word out about all the wonderful events and activities that are happening on the Midcoast campus. One simple email to the faculty advisers, Chuck Ott or Rachel Guthrie will start your involvement on these pages.

Regardless of the location of the Midcoast campus and size compared to the South Portland campus, there remains key elements that are not in short supply here in Brunswick: energy and imagination. Add gumption to the mix and you are more than on your way. It’s a great compliment to energy and imagination. So if you have all three of these attributes, or two, and even one, then why not get involved? Gumption is the thing that says, “I am here. I have something to offer and I am going to put it out there and no one or anything is going to impede it.” After all, all great trees are but small seed at one point.






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