MacBook vs. Windows: Pros and Cons. What should you get for school?

Damon Phean


You’re starting your first year in college and you want to get the best bang of your bucks on a laptop which you can use for school. It is very common for students to be easily convinced by their peers, which is best, but students should take the time and research of what would fit their needs the best.

It used to be when your parents were college students, they were using pencil and paper to take notes during class. With years of improvement in technology, the norm today is to use a laptop to take to each class for note taking and research. Being a college student requires a computer to complete the assignments, but desktop computers would not be ideal for some students who like the idea of mobility. Of course, there are others who prefer a desktop but for some; a laptop is the solution for their needs. The first step of deciding the right laptop for both personal and educational needs is important for every student.

There are two main OS that students find themselves comparing in order to see which is the best fit. For those who are considering purchasing a Mac, here are some of the pros that would more likely win you over:

  • Macs have a built-in program called BootCamp, which allows you to install Windows. This helps setting up a dual boot system in OS X easier than it is in Windows and switch between the two operating systems.
  • Macs are less complicated and simpler to use.
  • The number of virus and malware threats is significantly less than Windows because the Windows base is much larger.

For those who are considering purchasing Windows, below are some of the pros that would more likely win you over than Mac:

  • Many different companies manufacture Windows, which gives buyers a wide variety of options of devices with different price range.
  • Window users can utilize older PC/laptops and can easily run Windows 10 or without any issues.
  • Windows is one of the most popular operating system by far. This means you can get more support for software and hardware.

Cons for Mac:

  • An old Mac can run the latest version of OS X, but some of the features will be missing won’t run as smoothly. This causes users to always upgrade to the latest Mac in order to utilize all the new features in OS X.
  • Apple products have a few choices with set price, which makes the cost prohibitive.
  • Apple keeps reducing the number of ports on each newer machine, which can be inconvenient for some users.

Cons for Windows:

  • Windows may have more support for software and hardware but they also have a very poor technical support.
  • Window users have to purchase Microsoft Office and pay a yearly fee to keep it.
  • It is very common for malware threats and risk to affect Windows systems everyday.

It is best for those who are weighing the pros and cons of Mac and Windows to research more in depth of what would best fit your needs. Regardless of the other benefits that Mac offers, it may not be the best choice and ideal for college students to purchase Macs who are on a budget.


Damon Phean was a member of the Information Technology Senior Seminar course in the spring of 2016 and is planning on a career in Information Technology.



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