Fair Warning: You Might Be Triggered

George Welch


Do you think there are some topics, themes, or political issues that are discussed in classes or the street that warrant “trigger warnings?” Do you believe that our campus should be a safe place for all? I think we should rethink the way we respond to “triggerwords.”

I’ve traveled to many places in this world of ours, the United States, China, Kenya, and many more. I have seen people starving, I’ve seen sickly children begging in the streets, and I have seen death. Leave “trigger” where it is suppose to reside; with legitimate cases of PTSD.

You’re in College and barring a lifetime in academia, you too will have to enter the real world. It’s uncomfortable, unfair, and cold. It doesn’t hold back from terms like: “fag”, “nigger”, and “cocksucker” — you’ll hear them and much more.

There is no safe space, only the strength of character to move on and when you can, step up. Because that’s where life gets scary uncomfortable. When you physically place yourself between someone abusing another. When you risk real flesh and blood for a stranger, for a principle, for their dignity and rights. When you acknowledge that standing up instead of barking from the corner crying foul is the only real way to make a difference, then we can leave behind the childish pretense of “triggers” and follow in the footsteps of many great people and, hopefully, actually do something that matters.


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