Why I’m Not Moving to Canada if Trump Is Elected

Alex Serrano

Communications & New Media Major


Let’s imagine for five seconds that Donald J. Trump has been elected as the forty-fifth President of the United States (and try not to have an aneurysm). Imagine thousands of Muslim immigrants being shuttled out. Imagine a war brewing in Mexico over a big wall. Imagine the social, political, and economic unrest that would follow a Trump presidency.

Now imagine, if every able-bodied, economically stable, (probably) white person opposed to racially charged fascism who could leave did. And you’re probably one of them, right? Each and every one of those people would rather see America burn than live under its first king since George. Is it not more honorable to stay and build power against POTUS Trump?

Many students long for a Les Misérables-esque revolution to just plop into their laps without all the political mumbo-jumbo and human interaction. Here’s your chance! All you need to do is exercise your right as an American and vote (knowing you may not be able to in a foreign country). Vote for the candidate most likely to in-
cite an angry revolution (who neither wears glasses nor an affinity for small birds), wait for the Electoral College to sort it all out, and accept your new orange toupée’d fascist ruler!

Now, if at this point you move to Canada or Denmark or Bangladesh, you will have essentially abandoned America to play out  it’s running into the ground by a buffoon. Perhaps, instead of advancing the entropic heat-death of democracy, it would’ve been more beneficial to put a sane human being into office and build power in order to call attention to issues you and their constituents find to be in your self-interest.

Hopefully the American people will remember why they have all those rights they defend so readily when Trump is elected and his “outside of the system” politics are put to use exiling Muslims and building a titanic wall. While some may scurry off to live in another corner of the globe, many will radicalize. Marching, picket signs waving, students, friends, family, citizens, all with social unrest hanging on their heavy restless shoulders, to topple the monkey from his throne and gain back the human rights already fought for over the course of our two-hundred and thirty-nine-year history.

Don’t put freedom in jeopardy in favor of a probably short-lived and ill-begotten revolt.



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