Hua, Accessing your PC or Laptop Anywhere with TeamViewer

Joshua Mason

Information Technology


Have you ever found yourself away from home or the office needing to access a file, program or other piece of content on your personal computer (PC) or laptop? Perhaps lugging around your computer is simply not feasible, yet you would still like access to it on your preferred mobile device. There is a free application called TeamViewer that lets you to do just that.

Access the free download of TeamViewer at to install on the operating system of your PC or Laptop. Then, install the TeamViewer software application from the App Store (i.e., Apple Store, Google Play, Samsung, etc.) of your mobile device (i.e., Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry). The software is free for personal use, and features an easy to use interface. Unlike other remote access methods, such as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) that may require complex setup procedures, TeamViewer simply generates a numerical ID and password for your PC or laptop. This access information is then used on the mobile de-
vice to gain access to your home device. It is recommended to create a TeamView-
er account, as you can register your PC or Laptop to the account, simplifying the pro-
cess. This removes the need to remember the numerical ID and password TeamViewer generated for your device upon setup.

You will need to set up Unattended Access (found under the ‘Connec-
tion’ tab), otherwise attempting to connect to your device will prompt a confirmation screen that will need to be clicked through. Unattended Access, once set up, will remove the prompt enabling you to access the device remotely.

Once you connect with your mobile device, you’ll have full access to the desktop interface of your PC or laptop! Using the touchscreen emulates mouse functionality, and using a pinching motion can be used to zoom in or out. A pop-up virtual keyboard is avail-
able when needed. A tablet or phone with a large screen is recommended, as it may be difficult to navigate the desktop interface with a smaller screen.

One important caveat is that the PC or laptop you wish to remotely access must be turned on and running the TeamViewer application in the background. If the device is off or is in sleep mode, you will be unable to access it. Those of you with more technical expertise can set up the “Wake-On LAN” function which allows you to have TeamViewer “wake” up your device from sleep mode. It is important to note that the PC or laptop also has to support this functionality.

TeamViewer has a guide on Wake-On LAN function available online at this address:

One of TeamViewer’s primary uses is to provide desktop support for users remotely, and to fix system issues without having to be present at the computer. However, its flexibility and ease of use makes it a perfect application to make use of your PC or laptop when you are on the go. Thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices today, you never have to be far from your home PC or laptop!

Joshua Mason is a member of the Information Technology Senior Seminar course and is planning on a career in Network Administration.



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