Congratulations MCCS Students of the Year

The Beacon Staff

The final month of the semester wa welcomed a few days early as recipients of the 26th annual Student of the Year & John H. Lapoint Leadership Awards. The recognition ceremony was held on April 27 in Augusta at the Senator. Students from the seven campuses that make up the MCCS gathered with the seven college Presidents and Deans of Faculty, family and friends for a ceremony that started off with comments from Derek Langhauser MCCS President, Jean Ginn Marvin Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees of the MCCS, and Jana Lapoint.

MidCoast Student Art Show 1Jana Lapoint spoke of her husband, John Lapoint who found the award as a student who overcame education obstacles in order to become a successful entrepreneur. In 1954 Mr. Lapoint graduated 5th from the bottom of 500 students in his high school class. In 1958 John graduated from Dean College.

The day’s ceremony would honor: Carol Adelle Buck from CMCC who is in Life Sciences, Nursing student Jessica M. Dorman from EMCC, KVCC’s Erin Falconer who is in the Mental Health program, Crystal Ann Condo who is in Health Information Management at NMCC, SMCC’s Erik Squire who is in Education, WCCC’s Kimberly S. Stuart who is in the Medical Assisting program and Nicole Boucher who is studying Criminal Justice at YCCC. The Beacon editorial staff would like to congratulate this years recipients and wish them the best in their educational and life endeavors.MidCoast Student Art Show 2.JPG



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