Divisive Laws Threaten Value of Human Life

Sarah Ford

CNMS Major


Mississippi recently passed a law that allows discrimination. Business owners are now legally allowed to refuse service to people if they feel that it would violate their religious beliefs. This law is obviously anti-LGBT, but potentially, could someone refuse service to a black person if they made the argument that serving them would violate their religious beliefs?

North Carolina also passed a law that requires people to use the public bathroom that corresponds to the gender on their birth certificate. The people in support of the law claim that it’s to “protect young girls in public bathrooms,” but there have been no cases where a girl was attacked by a trans woman in a public bathroom. There have, however, been many cases where trans people (specifically trans woman) have been injured or even killed simply for existing.

If these extreme religious groups that are pushing for these laws to pass actually cared about protecting women, they would realize that trans women are real women and not men just dressing up as women in order to infiltrate girls’ bathrooms. Of course, the people in support of these laws don’t care about humanity at all. They’re just pretending to care about girls’ safety when it benefits them and their religious ideologies and allows them to throw trans women under the bus.

The passing of these two frankly disturbing laws raises some questions over why people even thought they were necessary in the first place. Homophobic people feel like they were being targeted and punished when gay marriage was legalized all over the country. The religious, homophobic people felt like their beliefs weren’t being taken seriously anymore. It’s funny how they’re complaining about how they’re being discriminated against when people call them homophobic, especially when they are legally allowed to refuse someone service simply because their sexual orientation is different. Members of the LGBT+ community are being killed, attacked, and threatened every day and homophobes have the gall to act like they’re the oppressed ones.

These laws are also taking us in a direction that sounds unpleasant. People can’t just do whatever they want “in the name of religious freedom.” Religious freedom does not allow individuals to minimize the sanctity of life. Despite the stereotypical bible-beating homophobe, a lot of anti-LGBT people aren’t even religious, they’re simply unpleasant people.

Some even claim to be anti-religion but that doesn’t make them any different than the religious people they claim to dislike. These laws enable people who aren’t even religious to use that as an excuse to practice hate. After all, there’s no way to test if someone’s really “religious enough” to use that as a defense if they come under fire for discrimination. By “religion,” everyone knows that they mean specifically Christians.

Yes, our country recently voted to make gay marriage legal in all 50 states, and that’s a huge victory! Many people assumed that was the ultimate end goal of the movement, but that’s not true at all. With these obviously anti-LGBT laws being passed, the fight is far from being over.


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