The Broccolli

Old People Relive Their Golden Years Through Tour

Hannah Martin

CNMS Major

A tour this summer called “I love the 90’s” is just the thing these groups need to feel like they’re in their drug filled youth again. Groups like Salt N’ Peppa, Vanilla Ice, and Biz Markie are one of the many members of this tour that hope to become famous again. So come on and get your tickets to the tour! Relive those years when you thought parachute pants and crimping your hair was a good idea!


Donald Trump Says Something Stupid Again

Hannah Martin

CNMS Major

Recently Donald Trump has stated that he believes women should be punished for having abortions. But before he starts controlling women’s bodies maybe he should start controlling how much tanner he’s using on his face and try to comb out that dead rat on his head. Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion but it’s hard to listen to someone that looks like a cow chewing grass when he speaks.


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