Poetry Readings on Campus

Evelyn Waugh

Physics Major


In celebration of National Poetry Month, students, professors and poetry connoisseurs came together Tuesday, April 5th for the first of a weekly series of poetry readings in the Campus Chapel. These readings celebrate April, National Poetry Month. National Poetry Month was established in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets. As the largest literary celebration in the world, the month is marked by a surge of interest in reading and writing poetry and is intended to celebrate and showcase poetry whilst bringing attention to poetry’s place in our lives: a cornerstone of culture, a creative outlet, and an embodiment of humanity.

Appreciation of poetry is a unique tool for teaching us to read, write, and understand text in ways prose cannot. A given person may read around a few thousand words a day (via Lakeland Library Region Staff / News Optimist), be it for pleasure, for a college course, for work, to stay informed, or while mindlessly scrolling through social media. People are so often surrounded by writing that words may become too familiar to have a strong impact on readers. Poetry enables one to stare into the soul of words and evokes meanings within the reader which may have been long forgotten. Poetry inspires reflection and reminds one of what it means to be human.

Take a break from the routine and bustle of the finishing semester and come feel something deeply. Join the poetic ambience with us each Tuesday this month. The readings take place in the campus chapel at 12:15pm.


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