Maine Mayhem Coming to the Nickelodeon May 12th!

Samuel Carlson

CMNS Major


That’s right people, get ready for it. Tickets are now on sale for this year’s incredible edition of the renowned Maine Mayhem Festival! Pre-order them from the Nickelodeon, because they are going FAST. There are two showings on May 12th, at 6:30 and 8:45pm. While we wait in eager anticipation, here’s a continuation of the March 8th edition’s article, giving you three more synopses for you to look at.


Alone Together

“Alone Together is a film about what it means to spend your last hours with a total stranger. How well can you get to know somebody when you only have 10 hours and 23 minutes left to live? Indifference more than in love, David and Beth find themselves together in their empty apartment building, their fate narrated by the countdown on the radio. The two share moments that, were they not occurring on the last day of humanity, might not be anything special. But for David and Beth, they might be some of the most important moments of their short, small lives. Wouldn’t you want someone to spend you last day with, too?”


White Skies

White Skies is a SiFi thriller set in the 1990’s. The story follows Brad and Jason, two friends, as they stumble upon what appears to be the site of an alien spaceship crash. When they finally realize they’ve stumbled upon, a being from another world it makes the two go though a series of disorienting and hellish events until they are taken, will you be next?



“Waters” is coming of age story looking at the hardships of loosing loved ones and the importance of having meaningful bonds. This love letter to the sea follows Evan, a shy 7th grader who walks home every day to an empty house. After loosing his Dad at sea, barely having his mother around and being bullied at school, Evan steals a dinghy to get away. After a struggle with his bully, he finds himself without an oar, helpless and all but stuck at sea. It is only by the luck of the tides that he finds himself on a small island not too far off shore. He quickly finds a mysterious campsite and middle aged hermit. Weary at first, he talks to the man about his situation. The hermit convinces him to go home, but after a few days he can not help but return to the island. Evan and the hermit slowly become friends. The man teaches him how to survive in the cold and becomes a father figure to the boy. Unfortunately his mother forbids him from heading out into the dangerous waters. Even is heartbroken. However a large winter storm is forecast and Evan is sure that the older man will not survive. Evan sets out to the island to save him, but will he be successful?MaineMayhem.jpg

Please come and watch the product of several months of blood, sweat, tears, and too much caffeine be realized on the big screen!


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