Birth Notices: Welcome to Planet Earth

The Beacon Staff


BirthNotices(CharlieeSquire2)Congratulations goes out to Maiasarah Moiskoon and Erik Squire proud parents of Charliee Nasya Squire who arrived on February 24th, 2016 at 6:64pm. Charliee Nasya was born at 7.5 lbs and has since then put on a few earthly pounds has she has climbed into the 9.2 lb range.BirthNotices(CharlieeSquire1)

When asked how Charliss Nasya’s is doing Maiasarah replied, “she has had some issues with pattern and baby acne due to a boiler problem in our apartment. The temperatures skyrocketed to 90 degrees on Easter weekend.” Maiasarah continued to say that Charliee Nasya, “ fusses after feedings and needs to be bounced to fall back to sleep. Rocking doesn’t work.”

Erik and Maiasarah were married on December 30th, 25 days after Erik proposed during a BirthNotices(CharlieSquire5)concert when one of their favorite songs was played. The wedding ceremonies took place at the McKernan Center on a snowy winter eveningBirthNotices(CharlieSquire6) as 4 friends and a baby  attended as witnesses. The ceremonies were officiated by Maiasarah and Erik’s bank teller with a “holy donut bribe,” and according to Maiasarah the event “was perfect.”

On November 14, 2015 the Monica Klein and Maurice Murray welcomed their newborn son Elliot Leonard Murray to the BirthNotices(ElliotMurray)world. Monica Klein is in Education at SMCC. Maurice who is in Behavior Health also at SMCC said that, “It’s so exciting to have a son as I have been finding myself thinking about how his life will be different than mine as he has two college educated parents and I only had my mother who was not college educated.”

The Beacon, the Cesil office and all that know Maiasarah, Erik, Monica and Maorice wish both family’s the best and look forward to being apart of Charliee Nasya’s and Elliot Leonard Murray’s lifes.  



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