Poetic Licence

Untitled Prose

Oona Foley

Business Major


Everything we look for in life or after death is a distraction amongst all things to keep us sane, in our own worlds we seem whole but to the eyes of others we are unfit to live in their reality. Everyone has a purpose in life, and that is to live to there fullest and fulfill there wildest dreams. They call us the lost , but are we truly lost, or do we just wandering among the stars and soaring above and beyond our hopes and expectations, for they say all who wander are not lost. Never give up on the hope that you feel like letting go, never let the things that you care about the most slip out of reach, for those things are what keep you grounded and those things in life are also needed to keep us whole. Ever wonder what it would be like to be so fee and happy that your existence doesn’t matter anymore? Never will we feel that for everything is to material to us, we look to closely at what we do not have and look at what we have and are no longer satisfied with just the simple things, we crave something we will never have, unbeknown to us what that is, we just know that it is unescapable even to one with everything they could ever desire for they still crave more. Even if we let go of things or promise its still gonna be there in our subconscious waiting to surface. Right now your probably reading this and wondering why there are so many punctuation errors or maybe you even sotted a few spelling errors maybe I used there instead of their and your thinking wow did they must of over look it or are they just that stupid. It’s the tiny things that we notice that we tend to get hitched on and look at. Everything we do we either do be cause we want to or because we were programed (raised) to do so, to be so critical and logical all the time, because our society is growing. All who wander are not lost, but those who are lost to societies standards have chosen to stray down a dangerous path that we have only build to digress in to a jungle of hurt and pain, regret, shaming and above all making someone feel as if they them selves will never belong, lost to societies standards forever. We have lost another and another. Again and again because society makes it so they feel incomplete, no one will love them they are the out casts and they were not so lucky to stray on to a path that they would find suited them better, instead they stuck to the comfortable prison we have built for ourselves.


Back to Square One

Xama Brocato

Liberal Studies Major


Walking around with eyes closed day and night,

I stumble into you, they open to my surprise

My broken heart leaps again, violently shaking my outer frame

My barriers fall down just the same

When I realize that you just said my name

Back to square one, this risk should be fun,

Let’s take life slow and watch the high rising sun as it shines

With the silver moon in starry skies.



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