How to Use Google Drive

Ramon Michaud

Information Technology Major


Welcome to college! By the time this is released you would have been here for a while. You have attended classes, done your homework, taken notes, bought a word processor to take those notes. But, what about those who couldn’t afford a word processor? Or those who don’t know what to use to make a slideshow? Never fear, for this article tells you about how to use a cloud based software provided by Google to get your papers done and presentations ready for class.

First things first, make sure you have a google account. “But I don’t have one, I have a Yahoo email.” But you also have a school email right? Yes! You thought you’d never use it but looks like it’s more useful than you thought. In your school email you may notice that in the right hand corner is your name, a square made up of nine smaller squares, a bell, and a circle with your first initial. Clicking on the square will open a menu, to which you will see an icon called “Drive”. Click on that and you’ll be welcomed to google drive! This is the spot where you can make documents, spreadsheets, and even presentations.

To get started, click on “New” over on the left hand side. This will show you options to make something of your choosing. You can make folders to hold specific documents and presentations. For example you could have a “College Semester 1” folder, which can be used to hold documents made on google drive for your first semester. You can upload files and folders as well if you would like to access them from another computer just by logging into your drive account. And if you look into what else you have, there should be selections such as Google Docs and Google Slides.

Clicking on Google Docs will bring you to an untitled online word document that you can use to type out whatever you need to. Google Docs is much like any other word document, except with minor changes. It saves automatically as you are typing, changing the name just requires you to mouse over the area that says “Untitled document” on the top left and clicking on it, and you can even put it in a folder by clicking the folder icon in the top left. On the top right there is a place where you can make a comment about a group of words of your selection or share the document with others. Sharing being a feature that allows others to edit with you on the same document, which can be good for group projects! Lastly, if you click the printer icon you can save the document as a PDF file, to which you can look and print it later.

Besides that, making presentations is naturally the same if you’ve ever made one for school before. Google Slides has those same features and includes commenting and sharing as well for the slides. Back on the main drive page, if you forget to put a document in a folder you can just click and drag it over like anything on your desktop. You can even have a folder within a folder. These are the simple basics to using your Google Drive, so get out there and do your homework!


Ramon Michaud is a member of the Information Technology Senior Seminar course and is planning on a career in Information Technology. This article can be located on his website:


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