Coming Soon: Maine Mayhem 2016!

Samuel Carlson

CNMS Major

The Maine Mayhem Film Festival is a student driven festival that centers on short movies created at SMCCme. The event is headed by one other than Corey Norman, accomplished Maine filmmaker and beloved film teacher. Every year a multitude of dedicated students come together to produce, direct, edit, and star in films ranging from horror to comedy and everything in between. This year the crew of hopeful students consists of Mackenzie Bartlett, Joey Hyland, Dan Perkins, Michael Priester, Graceson Cyr, Andy Anzora, Jack Rohner, Kyle Gravel, Ryan Marshall, Kenneth Adams, Calen Cyr, and myself. Each and every one of us are committed to bringing our amazing stories to life, and we can’t wait to share them! So here’s a couple synopses to get you warmed up.

According to No Plan:

A 30­something drifter shows up unexpectedly to his sister’s isolated home in the country in a desperate attempt to end a nearly two decade long battle with alcoholism. However, his mind immediately begins to collapse in on itself and the line between hallucinations and reality is blurred over the course of a beautiful though disorienting self journey.


A slasher/comedy about Nick Harmon and his friends, who go out to an old cabin in the woods to party, and unknowingly attract a blood thirsty killer. Fortunately for the group our killer isn’t very good at what he does. Can they run fast enough? Can they survive the night?

Like us on Facebook and get hyped for Maine Mayhem 2016! Tickets go on sale soon, and they will go fast, so keep your eyes open!


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