What Are We Becoming?

Rachel York


Issues and conflict begin to surface more as Americans dive into the process of who should be elected as the next president. Donald Trump has taken a strong lead as the most controversial candidate running. Some say his statements go too far, while others support him claiming he “says what everyone else is too afraid to say”. Conspiracies have even surfaced that Trump began running as a joke.

Some of his statements that have created outrage in the public (rightfully so) include stating that Mexico will be forced to build a wall between them and the U.S. to keep out immigrants, of which many are “rapists and murderers”. More recently he called for a complete shutdown of Muslims entering the country. To Trump, these actions are apparently necessary to, as his slogan says, “Make America Great Again”. One can’t help but wonder what period of time it was that America was at its so-called greatest that he is trying to get back to. His agenda is definitely not one of a progressive leader.

His rallies often consist of people who disagree with what he has to say being physically escorted out as soon as they’re presence is made aware by others who support him. Violence and harassment are not uncommon during these events. Even silent protesters will be forced to leave immediately, regardless of whether they disrupt the rally or not.  Basically, anyone who questions what he has to say will be kicked out.

His rallies actually seem more like rallies that would occur after a big football game than before electing a new president. Trump memorabilia, fried dough, shouting, and aggression included. During a rally in December in Las Vegas, Trump welcomed Jamiel Shaw to the stage to talk about his son that was killed by a gang member who was an illegal immigrant. A protestor, Ender Austin III, argued from the crowd that this was an example of why gun control was needed. Immediately, he was met with physical force and escorted out of the rally, while someone was heard yelling, “Set the mother fucker on fire”. Shouts of “Hail Trump” were also heard at this rally.

What we need to question is where our standards are as voters, and where Trump’s moral standards are. It doesn’t come to much surprise that as a presidential candidate he would use manipulative tactics to gain support, but promoting hatred and fear goes way beyond that. Anyone at any rally saying “Set the mother fucker on fire” should not be easily dismissed, especially at a rally of a candidate for presidency.  

Of course there will be voters who will support some of his standings for certain economic and political issues, but they cannot overlook his immoral behavior while focusing on these issues. Bringing a sense of fear and hatred into office will cause more damage to the country than any bill or law ever could. After all, wouldn’t the first step in making a country great be to eliminate fear and hatred?


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