I am Nothing at All

Dan-Herley Mathieu


As I am getting older, I realize something new. I realize that I am nothing at all. I am not trying to lower my worth and value, but I just seriously realize that I am nothing.

It is becoming harder and harder for me to think that I am superior to another human being.

We might not be the same skin color or sex, or have the same beliefs, but we are equal. I do not see how I can be superior to anybody else.

Even if I might be a little bit more educated, I am still a normal human being, just as you are. I am not even slightly superior to any of you. I am just trying my best to learn from you all. I want to learn from you as much as you want to learn from me.

I am not writing for fame, I am not trying to be popular at all. I am just writing to express my thoughts to you all. I just want to share my world with the rest of the world.

If somehow you truly feel like you enjoy my writing and feel like you are learning something from me, I feel more than blessed for doing such a thing. I am not a great guy. I am just a normal person, just as you are. I have my own fights and I am still trying to figure a lot out. I am kind of lost with the points I was trying to make, but it’s alright.


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