The Dangers of Medieval Medicine

By Ian Ziller


Throughout the Middle Ages how medicine was practiced probably wasn’t the best and would definitely be considered primitive by today’s standards. For example, one of their practices was blood letting where basically the patient was cut open in order to let the bad blood that was making you sick bleed out of you. However, the loss of blood had the result of making you worse, which could actually lead to death from this medical practice as opposed to healing you.

Another practice that might have been a little better was to simply pray for you to get better hoping that you would improve by God’s favor. However, it did little good and you were still likely to die, though it did have the side bonus of not actually harming you so essentially it was the same as doing nothing, which was better than blood letting you.

Not only was this very primitive but it was not always the case. For example, the Greeks and the Romans used much more advanced forms of medicine so it can be argued that the human race went very far back in and did not advance as much as in the middle ages, since we seemed to be much more advanced in the Roman era then we did in the middle ages. So from all of these bits of evidence we can come to the conclusion that medieval medicine was very primitive.



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