The Broccoli


10 Signs You’re from Maine

Hannah Martin

Communications and New Media Major


1. You own a pet lobster

2. You eat 13 acorns a day

3. Paul Lepage is the Governor

4. The squirrel delivers your mail

5. Everything you own is from L.L Bean

6. Your home is in a pine tree

7. You put a bumper sticker on your lifted truck that says “Git ‘R’ Done”

8. You feed deer out of the palm of your hand write out your window

9. A bird tells you the news

10. Your favorite color is flannel


Spring is in the Air

Chris Motley

Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow upon emerging from his groundhog hole on February 2, which indicates that spring will be continuing four weeks early this year. This is welcome news to Mainers who are growing weary of what would probably be a rough winter, if it was actually winter at all. Many will be pleased to see the fifty-degree, rainy weather, replaced by the more preferable sixty degree rainy weather typical of the Spring months.



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