A New Simulator Provides New Opportunities

Illaria Dana

Education Major


The Emergency Medical Services and Paramedicine Program at SMCC have acquired a new tool. This tool takes an unexpected shape, but its functionality is impression. This tool is called the Noelle Tetherless Maternal and Neonatal Birthing Simulator.

The Noelle Simulator takes the shape of a pregnant woman. The simulator is hooked up to a wireless computer in which her simulated physical responses are programmed. This allows for life-like scenarios to be programmed and controlled by instructors. Students benefit from experiences that they would previously only experience in a clinical setting.

At a normal setting, the Noelle Simulator has a detectable pulse. The eyes dilate and constrict when variant lights are shined in them. Instructor Scott Cook explains, “We can simulate routine deliveries, high-risk and complicated deliveries. We can also simulate various care scenarios for the mother and newborn baby after birth.” The settings can be altered to simulate seizures and other illnesses that may complicate birth.

Cook explains the magnitude of this tool when he says how students will benefit from experiences the Noelle Simulator can provide. “We are excited to bring Noelle to our EMT and Paramedic classes. EMTs and Paramedics may be called to a mom in labor. This may require delivery outside of the hospital, and students do not always have the opportunity to do this in a clinical setting. By using Noelle in the classrooms, we can simulate a ‘real world’ delivery for our students. We hope to also use Noelle and the baby for patient assessment classes.”

The Noelle Simulator will be of benefit to all students in the Health Sciences Departments. Cook continues to say, “We hope to use Noelle for interprofessional simulation with other health science disciplines here at SMCC, such as Respiratory Therapy and Nursing. For instance, Paramedic students may deliver the baby and transport baby and mom to Respiratory Therapy students and Nursing students. We have only begun to explore interprofessional opportunities.”


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