The Broccoli

Do You Sing In The Shower?

Hannah Martin, CMNS Major


Yarmouth, Maine

Local teen Edward Harmon of Yarmouth Maine has become a national superstar. He records his songs from within the shower. The Broccoli spoke with Edward about his accomplishment. “I always sang in the shower; it was where I sounded the best. So I thought why don’t I just start recording music in here?” said Edward. After telling his family about what he wanted to do they went and installed a large shower in their backroom so that Edward could record his music while still letting the family to shower. Edward has many hits out that you can purchase on iTunes. Hits like, “Who Dropped the Soap?” “Squeaky Clean,” and “My Life Is a Living Nightmare.”



Chris MotleyCMNS Major


South Portland, Maine

A recent poll done in various counties of Central and Southern Maine asked conservatives one question: How do you feel about President Obama’s currently unknown agendas for his last year in office? The results of this poll may surprise you- a staggering number of conservatives made it clear that they are ready to oppose Obama’s next plan, whatever that may be, on account of its being an egregious attack on their personal freedoms.

“I just don’t trust the guy,” said one college student, an avid member of the skeet and hunting clubs at his university. “He just has no respect for the constitution, or any of us.” When prompted more specifically about the now-unknown bill President Obama will be backing four months from now, he had this to say: “I don’t know what it is, but whatever it is, it’s infringing on my second and/or first amendment rights.

This is at first a surprising result- but makes more sense when one considers Obama’s unequivocal promise to take away every single gun in America at the turn of 2015.



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