From the Editor’s Desk


by Illaria DanaEducation Major

From the Editor’s Desk

The Beacon that you are holding is the 79th consecutive issue to be printed without missing a deadline. We have an incredible opportunity here to connect with our values, our readers, and ourselves. The Beacon allows for students to engage in what they believe in. It is a platform for student ideas and interests. In it, we report the news of our community, our practices, and of the world at large.

A liberal education asks more of students than to siphon information. A liberal education asks students to think critically. As a microcosm of this larger educational experience, The Beacon asks its reporters to engage with the world around them and form a response.

Educators want their students to be self-directed learners. This trait is valuable in the workplace. Self-direction is essential for success in the domains of school and work, sure, but it also leads individuals to myriad places of wonder and expression. The thoughts that you have floating around and the hours you spend musing on different ideas have relevance. Your passions allow The Beacon to flourish.

As students, we encounter ideas and events that cause emotional reactions. When these reactions inspire action, students become agents of positive change. The Beacon connects writers with faculty and programs at SMCC that are sites of progression and change. Through these connections students can understand and influence policies on campus. In pursuit of a story, writers gain an insider’s perspective of events on and beyond campus.

At SMCC, we have a dynamic student body. Our students are individuals from foreign countries, mothers with children and families, and people who have decided to seek an alternate path to higher education. We offer degree programs that allow students to transfer to four year institutions and vocational programs where students are certified for jobs. This is a rare cross-section. All walks of life are included. Our newspaper must reflect the diversity of our students which requires unique volunteers.  

Writers are offered the chance to work in a professional atmosphere. As writers interview, gather information, edit, and inform, they develop practices that are valued in professional and academic communities.  

The Beacon also needs photographers, illustrators, and layout designers. A cohesive vision and team are essential to creating this vital paper. The vision is to enable students to refine and share their skills as they progress onward in their academic and professional lives. If you are interested in joining The Beacon, please contact Illaria Dana at


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